AuroraClan is the fifth clan and the main clan in The Dying Ember. AuroraClan was founded after Mirrorfur merged SunClan and MoonClan at the end of Buttonpaw's Exile. After Mirrorstar died from deathberries, Buttonheart and Greyscale agree to rule the clan together, with Inksmudge as deputy.

In Greyscale's PathEdit

No formal mention is made of AuroraClan, as it had not been made yet.

In Buttonpaw's ExileEdit

Near the end, Buttonstar takes in Mirrorfur when he believes his backstory.  Mirrorfur suggests renaming the clan and clearing their history, but Buttonstar declines, saying he wants to live up to Stitchstar's vision. Mirrorfur realises if Buttonstar keeps this up he'll drive the clan into ruin, so he decides to try to become deputy. After catching an exceedingly large amount of prey that was found in SunClan territory, Buttonstar makes Mirrorfur deputy. But that still doesn't change Buttonstar's mind on renaming the clan. Mirrorfur takes Buttonstar with him on a patrol consisting of him, Buttonstar, Squidfoot and Ivyblaze. He tells Squidfoot and Ivyblaze to renew the scent markers at the border. He then mentions how hungry he is and offers Buttonstar some deathberries. Buttonstar eats them and begins to die. Before he lost his only life Squidfoot and Ivyblaze return. Squidfoot fights Mirrorfur while Ivyblaze fetches Silentwind. Silentwind arrives in time to save Buttonstar, but he is left very weak. Squidfoot says Mirrorfur should be exiled, but Buttonstar says Mirrorfur must have mistaken the berries, and he remains deputy. Eventaully, Buttonstar decides he is too weak to lead MoonClan and lets Mirrorfur lead. Mirrorstar sends a message to Greyscale to meet him at their territory borders. They meet and Mirrorfur declares that they must join clans. Greyscale agrees and SunClan and MoonClan merge into AuroraClan.

In The Dying EmberEdit

Buttonheart realises he made a bad choice and that he shouldn't have made Mirrorstar leader. He gathers some deathberries. He cuts some fresh kill open and puts the berries in. He then takes the fresh kill to Mirrorstar. Mirrorstar says he's happy Buttonheart is still useful even while he's residing in the Elders' Den. He dies from the deathberries before Silentwind comes. None of the clan mourn him, not even his mate, Flamepelt. Buttonstar and Grescale agree to take over AuroraClan as one.