Skyfall is a sleek, light blue cat with soft fur and long ears.

She resides in StarClan and the Place of no Stars.

In Skyla's PromiseEdit

Sky is a kittypet who lives in a Twoleg garden. After a moon, she ventures out of the garden and wanders onto the Thunderpath. She gets hit by a Twoleg Monster and dies. When she re awakes, Two cats, Maple and Echo, are watching her. They tell her they are Starclan cats, and that she must be sent back to the world to get MoonClan and SunClan in a war. Sky accepts and promises. Maple says she knows a way to get the leader of MoonClan to notice her, and give her StarClan wings. She is then sent back to the forest where the events of Greyscale's Path happens. After Stitchstar is killed, Maple and Echo appear and proceed to admit they were not StarClan cats. Skyla attacks them for lying and causing the death of Stitchstar. Echo grabs Skyla's wings and snap them, grounding her.

In Greyscale's PathEdit

Stichtstar and Buttonpaw have openly admitted to Greyscale that they were holding Skyla captive as a priswoner in MoonClan when Greyscale questions them. Skyla isn't introducedc until Greyscale and Inksmudge sneak into MoonClan to free her. Skyla thanks them and Greyscale invites her to join them in a 'team'. Later, they recruit cats from other clans or rogues and create SunClan. After Stitchstar's Death, a 'StarClan' cat is seen coming down and snapping her wings. Then, Skyla attacks them and they fade away.

In Buttonheart's RiseEdit

When Moonclan and SunClan are merged, Silentpaw is seen biting Skyla's wings off. Later, Greystar renames her as Skyfall, and makes her an official warrior.

The Dying EmberEdit

Skyfall is seen in the nursery with her kits, Shadowkit, Hawkkit and Birchkit. She is talking with Flamepelt, who is suckling Emberkit. Hawkkit later dies from weakness.